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The Secret For Dating With Women Revealed

In high school, the tall boys got most of the attractive girls in class. You thought it was your imagination that tall guys attract girls but a new research has proved you right. In reality the findings indicate that tall men are more prone to commit in marriage and do have more children in comparison to short guys. The phenomena is supported by the fact tall men tend to be more self-confident and outgoing in comparison to short guys. Additionally they do not require much effort to win a woman considering that the society have previously set the standards. Women prefer the vertically blessed brothers. The study was carried out by polish and British scientists who viewed medical records of around 3,300 people. The outcomes revealed that men who were 1.2 m normally height were reported to be childless.


The study revealed that many bachelors were short men with height below average. Men’s height has increased over the years credit to higher healthcare and on top of that good nutrition. Whether married or not these tall men in the age of 20s, 30s and 40s had children somewhere. This is proved by way of a research carried out in Wroclaw from 1983 to 1989. This further proves that tall guys attract girls. It is interesting because men with advanced years or who are above 50 years of age seemed not to be suffering from the height issue. The reason being they matured after world war II. The war claimed the lives of so many men thus reducing women’s choices in mates. They’d related to the thing that was available and worse still men were few in comparison to women. Women didn’t participate in the war so their numbers remained untouched.

Tall guys attract girls is just a thing which is valid across all cultures in the world. However it’s not the sole desirable thing in men. A professor of evolutionary psychology explained a short man who offers security, provides resources, and in good social status is a great competitors in the dating scene. In reality a specific basket ball player bragged of sleeping with 20,000 dating women. He’s reported to be 7-foot-1 tall. Such men who were abnormally tall weren’t contained in the study. Even men who substandard tall weren’t put in consideration. Height and reproductive success were seen to be highly related in this study.

It has been proven that taller men have much reproductive success since they too have higher incomes and far much greater social status than short men. This attracts women and therefore when they become lovers they do what lovers do and reproduce. An investigator of human mating habits said that this dates back to the first stages of evolution when women preferred mates who offered them best security and provided for their daily needs. Within our modern world the prehistoric selection still continues. The study at the university of Texas was initiated after noticing that men who search for dates usually advertise their height within their personal ads only if they’re taller than average or generally tall. I have not seen something like “I’m 5-foot-1, connect with me.”

It is known that tall guys attract girls and therefore they utilize it with their advantage.

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